Parkinson’s Disease: Easily Misdiagnosed

13:46 06 April in Health, Medicine

At 72, Christine Bycroft noticed that something wasn’t right when her hands began to shake. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s by a doctor in the UK, where she lives. But, after her voice began to weaken and problems with her sight occurred as her eyelids started to involuntarily shut, she grew suspicious of her diagnosis. Christine fell backwards one night and broke her back, leading both her and her family to the conclusion that these new developments were not symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

After visiting a neurologist, Christine was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). This rare neuro-degenerative disease affects only 4,000 people in the UK, but comes with a much different life expectancy than Parkinson’s. After receiving the correct diagnosis, Christine and her family were able to move forward with a much clearer picture of the future.

Parkinson's Gene

With almost half of all Parkinson’s cases misdiagnosed, many patients find themselves receiving a misdiagnosis as a result of symptoms typical of other neuro-degenerative conditions, which mimic Parkinson’s. A medical second opinion from an expert neurologist at a top research hospital can help prevent a confusing and costly misdiagnosis.

Parkinson’s Disease is one of WorldCare International’s standard covered conditions, and neurological cases, such as an initial Parkinson’s diagnosis, make up about 12 percent of the total cases reviewed by WorldCare. For more than 22 years, WorldCare International’s medical second opinions have connected patients in situations like Christine’s, with specialists at top-ranked US research and academic hospitals, including Massachusetts General Hospital and Mayo Clinic, to confirm their diagnosis and recommend optimal treatment plans, often catching misdiagnosis before members go too far down a treatment path.

Because of WorldCare’s unique relationship with the top-ranked facilities in the WorldCare Consortium®, our medical second opinion service is the gold-standard in the industry. Our medical second opinions are focused on all aspects of a patient’s cases to ensure that the correct diagnosis and optimal treatment plan are established.

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