Our Medical Directors

Meet our Medical Directors and hear directly from them why they chose to work with WorldCare International, Inc. and the importance they place on expert medical second opinions.

Richard Heinzl, MD
Global Medical Director


Picture Of Richard Heinzi, Medical Second Opinion Expert - WorldCare International

Oscar Arenas, MD
Latin America

Photo Of Oscar Arenas, Online Medical Consultation Professional - WorldCare International

Daniel Baboi, MD

Erdem Birgul, MD

Abdelmoneam Fawzy, MD

Jennifer Gao, MD

Danka Grellneth, MD

Kostas Katsiampanis, MD

Gabor Kerkovits, MD

Joyce Kwerk, MD

Michael Mansour, MD

Ricardo Nabuco, MD

Georgi Nazarian, MD

Zrinka Pagon, MD

José Muriana, MD

Anna Savcheva, MD

Hassan S. Sharif, MD

Andrzej Wojnowscy, MD

Steven Wu, MD