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About WorldCare

Pioneer & Leader in Global e-Health Services & Solutions

The global healthcare community has trusted WorldCare since 1994 when it became the first company to offer highly specialized and personalized electronic second medical opinions from top medical centers to local attending physicians for the benefit of their patients.

WorldCare’s mission is to improve the quality of health care worldwide by maximizing timely, efficient & strategic access to the best in US Health Care.

Founded in 1992, WorldCare pioneered the multi-disciplinary second opinion, and created a consortium of the best U.S. Hospitals, who at that time co-developed the rigorous process that allows a rapid turnaround time. It was unprecedented to have several institutions of such high caliber working together in a co-branded effort. The original hospitals took a permanent seat on WorldCare’s Board and helped develop our corporate strategy. Today, WorldCare is the only second opinion company with a strategic, technological and operational relationship with the medical centers in the WorldCare Consortium, which are ranked among the top hospitals in the United States

WorldCare was the first company to get FDA clearance for wavelet compression, which allowed diagnostic quality images to be compressed and sent digitally. WorldCare can now send medical records quickly and securely, providing second opinions within a matter of hours, if necessary.

In addition to its Telemedicine Services, WorldCare provides a comprehensive array of health services including concierge-style referral services, serious illness treatment plans, consulting and continuing medical education (CME) services.

Award-winning Service

On April 30, 2004, WorldCare received the Massachusetts Export Award (awarded by Associated Industries of Massachusetts) for its pioneering role “exporting” the best of U.S. healthcare, and excellence in international services. In 2005, WorldCare was awarded the Arab Health Award at the annual conference in Dubai, for the Best Use of an International Healthcare Partnership.

A world leader in the field of global e-health services, technology and insurance, WorldCare has handled over 19,000 second opinion consultations, and covers over a million members in 42 countries worldwide with its “peace of mind” service.