Ensuring employees get the best possible care is a challenge for many employers. With increased cases of misdiagnosis and medical error, many employees also find it hard to access quality healthcare services. At WorldCare International, Inc., we are reshaping this outlook by connecting our members with some of the top research and academic hospitals. Our members enjoy access to online medical services, such as second opinions and medical consultations, through our WorldCare ACCESS service.


Affordable Healthcare for Employees

Today, many employers and insurers are including second opinions in employee benefits packages or as a part of their insurance product to maximize the value and quality of health services their employees or policyholders get. This helps to reduce the overall cost of accessing medical services, especially in cases of misdiagnosis. WorldCare International, Inc. health plan benefits are completely customizable and scalable to integrate seamlessly into health systems, plans, and services provided by employers or insurers. With our services, we help to eliminate costs that are associated with trial and error treatments, unnecessary procedures, and improper treatments. Since the services are delivered remotely, our members also save money on travel.


The Importance of Second Opinions

For employers, getting a second opinion is becoming increasingly important, especially when an employee is diagnosed with a serious health condition. Providing our members with adequate information regarding their medical conditions assists in better decision making. A second opinion can provide a member with alternative treatment options, which can be more appealing or even less costly.


WorldCare International, Inc. redefines how employers offer health benefits plans to their employees and help insurers differentiate their products from competitors. We strive to ensure that our members have access to the best possible services.