As a WorldCare Member, your employer or insurer has provided you with access to top-ranked WorldCare Consortium® hospitals and more than 18,000 specialists to confirm you diagnosis, provide optimal treatment plan recommendations and give and your physician confidence you’re making the best health care decisions possible.


How it works
Depending which services you have been provided by your employer/insurer, the process is easy. For example, The WorldCare ACCESS remote second opinion service is a simple three-step process.
Step 1
Call the phone number provided to you by your employer/insurer or email WorldCare to request service. Please have on-hand the name of your employer/insurer that has provided you with access to our services and indicate where you are calling from: United States, Canada etc.
Step 2
Depending upon the service requested, we will work with you and your doctor(s) to gather any necessary medical records and send them to The WorldCare Consortium® hospital best suited to review your case.
Step 3
The specialists review your records and diagnostic material and provide an independent second opinion to you and your doctor.
This process will vary depending upon the exact service requested.