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WorldCare ACCESS (remote second opinion service)

WorldCare delivers reliable online medical second opinions and much more for our domestic and international clients through the WorldCare ACCESS remote second opinion service. This independent medical second opinion service provides our members and their treating physicians with diagnosis confirmation, as well as treatment recommendations including alternative therapies—and all with cost-effective value. The medical reviews we offer are based on the latest research from acclaimed specialists and sub-specialists at WorldCare Consortium® teaching and research hospitals, as well as at other academic medical centers of excellence.


How it works

When you contact WorldCare to request an online medical consultation, independent medical opinion, or second opinion, we assign a WorldCare Nurse Case Manager to your case. He or she is your partner throughout the process. Your Nurse Case Manager will provide you with the necessary release forms and set up an intake session.


During your intake session, we confirm your eligibility and you may then submit any specific questions for which you are seeking answers. WorldCare then contacts your designated physician(s) and collects your medical records on your behalf—you simply await your review!


Collection of medical records

Once we receive your forms, we collect the medical records needed to perform your online medical consultation, including diagnostic material like original radiology images and pathology slides. As the records come in, we perform quality checks to ensure they meet the medical guidelines. Once all necessary records are collected, we select one or more WorldCare Consortium® hospitals for your online medical consultation based on the expertise of their specialists/sub-specialists and how it best applies to your case.


Second opinion review

The team of WorldCare Consortium® specialists/sub-specialists we assemble then collaborates to review every aspect of your case, which may include retesting radiology and pathology. They then prepare a report detailing their second opinion review of your case. The WorldCare Nurse Case Manager and Medical Director both review the report for quality and to ensure that it clearly answers all your questions.


The WorldCare ACCESS Booklet

The WorldCare Nurse Case Manager then prepares your comprehensive WorldCare ACCESS Booklet. This complete report includes the online medical consultation, second opinion report, and much more in-depth information. We deliver your completed booklet within days of receipt of your complete medical records. WorldCare ACCESS eliminates the hassle of calling or visiting doctors’ offices or hospitals to collect records or waiting to be seen for a second opinion.


Throughout the entire process, your WorldCare Nurse Case Manager remains in close touch with you. Your Nurse Case Manager ensures that each step of the independent medical opinion process meets our quality standards. With the credentials and expertise of our WorldCare ACCESS online medical consultation service working for you, you and your designated physician can trust that your diagnosis is accurate and your treatment choices are well-informed.


Our online medical consultation and second opinion service boast several success stories from members whose original physicians misdiagnosed their conditions. You can learn more about WorldCare membership here, or explore the links to specific member services below. If you are already a member and would like to request service, simply fill out this form to begin the online medical consultation process.


All of our services are member-only.


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