WorldCare Concierge

WorldCare CONCIERGE service provides assistance to members during hospital and physician appointments.

When faced with multiple hospital and physician appointments, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get there or how you’re going to manage your day-to-day errands in between appointments. You should be focused on your health, but how do you do that with so many other things to worry about?


Worldcare can help

If your employer offers WorldCare CONCIERGE service as a part of your Health Plan Benefits or your insurer offers it as part of your insurance policy, your concerns are alleviated. A personal concierge will assist you and your family during your hospital and physician visits by running your every day errands, arranging transportation including airport pick-up and return and if requested, accompanying you to your appointments.


How it works

Step 1 Your employer or insurer will provide you with the information needed to access the WorldCare CONCIERGE service.

Step 2 Using this access information, you can activate the service simply by calling the number provided or accessing the service through the WorldCare Portal.

Step 3 Your personal concierge will review the details of your appointments with you and help you map out what needs you will have during these appointments and take it from there. If you need a clinical concierge to attend your medical appointments with you, you can request a clinical concierge be available and a registered nurse will be scheduled to attend your medical appointments with you to provide advocacy and support during your physician visits.

Step 4 While you attend your appointments, your other non-medical needs are taken care of and you can focus on your health and well-being.



  • Transportation to and from appointments and airports
  • Vetted resources for local information and services
  • Support during and after appointments
  • Errands taken care of while you focus on your health


All of our services are member-only. To request more information or request service, click here.

WorldCare CONCIERGE service spec. sheet


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