(Available for domestic and international clients)


WorldCare TRAVELER provides you with personalized assistance in selecting a high-quality U.S. medical institution and physician and coordination of an onsite visit.


How it works

When you decide to obtain medical care in the U.S., contact WorldCare and you will be assigned a Care Consultant to work closely with you and your designated physician in the selection of a U.S. hospital and physician appropriate for your needs. The Care Consultant provides you with information to help you select facilities based on your condition, proposed treatment plan, expected costs, location preferences, availability of needed services, reputation of the hospital and other relevant considerations in selecting the right facility from among thousands U.S. hospitals. The following services are included:


Care coordination

Once the right medical facility has been selected, the Care Consultant will coordinate the admission on your behalf including:

  • Arranging specific dates for admission
  • Arranging physician referrals
  • Identifying and recommending arrangements for any specialized transportation needs
  • Communicating to you all expectations and requirements
  • Identifying and communicating any additional relevant information, such as cultural considerations or language issues, and
  • Facilitating discharge planning and return home for the patient



Financial management

We provide a comprehensive approach to managing the financial aspects of patient care in the U.S., on a percentage-of-savings basis (based on negotiated savings) this includes:

  • Providing access to WorldCare’s pre-negotiated rates with U.S. medical facilities
  • Negotiating discount/s from medical facilities that do not have pre-negotiated rates with WorldCare (using a cost plus methodology)
  • Coordinating pre-admission deposits and/or Letters of Credit
  • Claim handling and auditing, ensuring an accurate reflection of contractual terms and discounts in the final billing.
  • Claim consolidation, summarizing all billing, discounts and audit results to the financially responsible parties.



Optional add-on (available at an additional hourly rate)

  • WorldCare clinical and non-clinical concierge services are available for an additional hourly rate.


All of our services are member-only. To request more information or request service, click here.


WorldCare TRAVELER service spec. sheet

WorldCare TRAVELER service spec. sheet – Spanish


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