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WorldCare Expert Medical Resources

(Available as a stand-alone option or packaged with other services)


Robust clinical resources across the world are available to your organization through WorldCare Expert Medical Resources services, giving you the flexibility to add an independent clinical expert to your team for a unique situation or on an ongoing basis. These expert resources can be leveraged, using a number of approaches, including those outlined below.

  • Independent Medical Review Service
  • Medical Advisory Board
  • Comprised of board-certified medical generalists
  • Comprised of board-certified medical specialists in a given field of expertise (e.g. Radiology)


Our physicians are board-certified, practicing clinicians, experts in their specific field. Through our WorldCare Consortium® relationships, they have access to cutting-edge medical technology and practice regimes that take decades to absorb into standards of care internationally. Studies have demonstrated it takes 17 years for research evidence to make it into standard clinical practice in mainstream medicine. Our team of experts is abreast and involved directly with the highest-quality clinical practices worldwide. As your clinical consultant, WorldCare is pleased to work with you to identify the scope and ideal process, which will allow you to leverage these resources effectively, ensuring you accomplish your goals. Let us be the clinical division of your company, allowing you to focus on your core business model.


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