Making Mental Health Treatment Available Locally

09:39 14 August in Health, Medicine

It comes as no surprise that the United States has a growing problem with mental health issues, with one in five American adults experiencing a mental illness at some point in their lifetime and nearly 10 million American adults living with a serious mental illness. With such a widespread problem, it is unfortunate to note that access to adequate mental health care is severely lacking in the country, especially in rural areas.

Suicide rates in rural areas were nearly double those of urban areas between 1996 and 2010, and due to the scarcity of mental health providers in these areas, rural Americans are more likely to use primary care physicians for mental and behavioral health needs. These primary care physicians often do not have access to enough research and information to provide the specific, personalized mental health care that is needed. Of the 734 counties in the nation that were categorized as entirely rural, 93.6 percent had no record of licensed psychologists, indicating just how dire the situation in rural America truly is.

For the past 24 years, WorldCare has leveraged telemedicine (telecommunications technology used to remotely diagnose and treat patients) to provide outstanding healthcare around the world, improving medical outcomes for members globally, regardless of their location. WorldCare’s telemedicine network has allowed for the delivery of the most advanced, world-class healthcare to remote regions of the globe, and with this in mind, WorldCare has begun piloting a new medical second opinion aimed at addressing the needs of those with a mental health condition.

WorldCare ACCESS Mental Health is a new medical second opinion service that provides a member and their designated physician with the guidance needed to make optimal healthcare decisions as they move forward in treating a mental health condition. A multi-layer review of both a mental and physical condition is conducted by teams of psychiatric and mental health specialists at the top-ranked research and academic hospitals of The WorldCare Consortium®. These specialists identify the correct diagnosis of the mental health condition, providing alternative treatment choices in both psycho-phamacotherapeutic and non-drug modalities. The expertise of top psychologists and psychiatrists becomes accessible to anyone at any point in time, giving members peace-of-mind that they are going down the most efficacious pathway in treating their mental health condition.

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