Many Symptoms, Which Condition?

10:29 16 November in Diagnosis, doctor, Health, Medicine

A woman in New South Wales, Australia, was misdiagnosed twice before receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis with few treatment options. Her symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath, both of which are common symptoms of mesothelioma, were overlooked by her general practitioner before she left for a trip to the United States. Upon arriving in New York, Ruth Rose could barely breathe. It was only after she went to a New York hospital that she discovered a collapsed lung caused by the asbestos-related cancer.

Mesothelioma, a fatal cancer, often cause of misdiagnosis

Ruth’s symptoms, which were mentioned to her GP, were similar to the symptoms of a range of other non-fatal conditions, including emphysema and asthma. In addition, she was unaware of the possibility of cancer, stating, “I put it all down to my age… I just didn’t bother going to see anyone because I just didn’t think anything was seriously wrong.” Various symptoms can correspond to a large range of diseases, therefore increasing the risk of misdiagnosis for a serious or complex illness, especially if a general physician is making a diagnosis without the knowledge of a specialist or sub-specialist.

A medical second opinion (MSO) helps to prevent misdiagnosis and resulting complications, allowing for appropriate measures to be taken in the timeliest fashion to ensure the maximal quality of life for one afflicted by a serious or complex medical condition. WorldCare’s MSOs have been trusted for over 25 years based on our impact, experience and superior level of clinical rigor. A MSO from WorldCare will ensure that a leading team of medical specialists and sub-specialists from a top-ranked research and academic hospital of The WorldCare Consortium® has thoroughly reviewed the member’s case in order to confirm or modify the diagnosis and provide optimal treatment plan suggestions for continued care.

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