Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis: Unnecessary Surgery and Worry

12:00 22 February in Diagnosis, doctor, Health, Medicine

Last April, Harald Boerstler went for an annual checkup and was told that an elevated protein level in his blood could signal prostate cancer. The next month, his urologist called him to warn that the biopsy Harald had received indicated invasive and aggressive prostate cancer. Another month later, he was in the operating room, having surgery to remove lymph nodes near the prostate and nerves connected to the gland.

However, a week after the surgery, Harald was informed by his urologist that his prostate was healthy and that his biopsy results were mixed up with another patient’s. His surgery was unnecessary and the result of a serious medical error. Unfortunately, the story of cancer misdiagnosis is not uncommon; an estimated 10 to 20 percent of all cases of cancer are misdiagnosed.

Harald’s misdiagnosis resulted in needless surgery, additional worry and distress and excess healthcare costs that could have been avoided. In many cases, the proper diagnosis of cancer can mean the difference between life and death. Regardless of the severity of misdiagnosis, this tragic, and preventable, occurrence steals a patient’s peace-of-mind and subjects them to emotional and economic turmoil.

WorldCare International, Inc. has been preventing misdiagnosis and providing patients with peace-of-mind for over 25 years with our clinically rigorous medical second opinion (MSO) service. Our service includes re-reading radiology, pathology, and other diagnostic material, along with a multi-disciplinary, institution-based team-based MSO that ensures a variety of specialists (around four on average) review each case. As a result our MSO service brings together a wealth of expertise that one specialist could not possibly possess on his or her own. These specialists utilize the latest medical research and knowledge to confirm or modify diagnosis and provide optimal treatment plan recommendations for going forward.

If you are a member and would like to request service or if you are an employer, insurer, broker or TPA interested in offering our services, please contact us today.





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