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Are women’s brains less likely than men’s brains to be subject to varied reactions to environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors and how does this relate to neurodegenerative diseases?

09:47 22 March in Uncategorized

Statistics show that female brains age slower than men’s. To be precise women’s brains appear to be 3.8 years younger than the brains of men. Researchers have the ability to assess the metabolism of the brain to determine how fast it metabolizes and converts glucose...

Research from WorldCare Consortium™ member Mayo Clinic is moving towards clinical trials for ALS

10:38 12 March in Uncategorized

Groundbreaking research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) from a research team at WorldCare Consortium™ member Mayo Clinic discovered the genetic repeat mutation known as c9orf72 in 2011 could potentially hold insight on how to cure or possibly even prevent ALS in patients. This mutation occurs...

Could a bone marrow transplant to an unmatched donor be possible?

14:37 27 February in Uncategorized

Patients who endure the lengthy and painful process of hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cell transplants, otherwise known as bone marrow transplants, often suffer a lengthy and in many cases unsuccessful transplant. To receive donors, blood patients must first undergo high-dose, whole body chemotherapy and/or radiation in...