WorldCare International, Inc. Celebrates Findings of Independent ROI Study


An independent study recently conducted confirms that WorldCare International, Inc.’s online medical consultations result in high percentages of change to treatment recommendations and diagnosis. The 2015 return on investment (ROI) study was performed by the Center for Healthcare Informatics at Tennessee Tech University and analyzed WorldCare’s second opinion process.


The study reviewed cases across three representative WorldCare accounts. It revealed that 75 percent of the second opinions reviewed resulted in a change in treatment and 26 percent generated a change in diagnosis.


“Through our WorldCare second opinion service,” states Hassan S. Sharif, MD, President and Chief Operating Office, WorldCare International, Inc., “we can confirm the diagnosis and recommend treatment plans that provide our members and their treating physicians with the resources and information necessary to reach confident medical decisions.”


For members with any level of diagnosis or treatment change, the direct ROI was at least 123 percent. More drastically, when there is a significant change in diagnosis and treatment, the ROI can exceed 600 percent for healthcare direct costs. On average, clients also experience a nearly 18 percent reduction of indirect costs associated with productivity.


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About WorldCare International, Inc.

WorldCare‘s mission is to improve the quality of health care worldwide by maximizing timely, efficient and strategic access to the best in health care. For over 20 years, WorldCare has empowered members and physicians with the clinical information and resources needed to make more informed medical decisions. WorldCare’s online medical consultation service does this by digitally connecting millions of members worldwide with specialists at world-class medical centers within the WorldCare Consortium®. These teams of specialists and sub-specialists, with the experience that best matches each member’s needs, review the member’s medical records and diagnostics, confirm the diagnosis, recommend optimal treatments and empower members and their treating physicians with the information and resources needed to make informed medical decisions. WorldCare’s services are available through health plans, employers or insurers. For more information, please visit