Member Stories

Member stories


WorldCare empowers thousands of members worldwide and their treating physicians with the information and resources needed to make more informed health care decisions. Below we share a few of their stories.



Why Courtney turned to WorldCare

Courtney was 30 years old when she received her diagnosis. She was told that she had a very aggressive form of cancer. After three surgeries to determine the extent of the cancer, her urology team recommended removing her entire bladder, an intervention she deeply dreaded.



After WorldCare facilitated a medical second opinion review from a leading team of urologist-oncologists, a recommendation of partial bladder removal allowed Courtney to remain active without needing to use a cystostomy bag. Courtney has been cancer-free for four years, and has since been able to graduate top of her class, get engaged to the love of her life, become an advocate for bladder cancer awareness, and work as a medical care coordinator, helping people through their own wellness journeys.

“Healthy people do amazing things.” – Courtney



Why they turned to WorldCare

Making our own treatment decisions can be stressful enough – so when it comes to caring for a sick child, we can all benefit from guidance and support. When her active, upbeat daughter, Kendall, started complaining of “heart pain” out of the blue, Karen didn’t know what was wrong, so she decided to take Kendall’s pulse. It was so fast and erratic that she called 911 immediately. What followed was a harrowing ambulance ride to the emergency room, where Kendall was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). In only a matter of minutes, it seemed like their lives had turned upside down. Doctors told Karen that Kendall would need surgery, but that it wasn’t offered locally. Kendall would need to travel to a hospital in another city. Karen recalls the stress they were living with: “You’re doing the research yourself, you’re online at four in the morning, and we’ve only got one doctor here in the whole province that does it.” Overwhelmed by the situation and unsure about what to do, they called WorldCare.



Karen was immediately put at ease. The WorldCare Case Manager collected all of Kendall’s relevant medical information and arranged for a second opinion from a top pediatric cardiology center in Boston. The second opinion confirmed Kendall’s SVT diagnosis, but most importantly let Karen know that it would be safe to wait a few years before subjecting Kendall to the risks of surgery. Today, Kendall and her family have returned to their normal lives, though heart surgery remains a possibility in the future.

“Before the second opinion, we had a fear of riding a bike, we had a fear of going on the trampoline, we had a fear of going on amusement park rides. The second opinion confirmed that she was okay to go through with daily activities. If I hadn’t have made that phone call, I would have spent hundreds of hours doing research, getting more upset. I probably would have jumped… because you’re panicked. So, she might have gone through something that she didn’t have to go through.” – Karen

“Antes de recibir la segunda opinión teníamos mucho miedo de que montara en bicicleta, que saltara en el trampolín, de ir a los parques de diversiones. La segunda opinión confirmó que estaba bien que viviera sus actividades diarias de forma normal. Si no hubiera hecho esa llamada telefónica, habría pasado cientos de horas haciendo investigación, preocupándome más. Yo tal vez habría saltado en pánico, porque lo que se siente es pánico. Entonces ella tal vez habría tenido que pasar por algo que no debía.” – Karen



Why Maureen turned to WorldCare

Accustomed to an active lifestyle, Maureen was incapacitated by severe pain and swelling in her leg. Doctors first diagnosed an ankle contusion, then tendonitis – but despite treatment she experienced little improvement. Unable to perform everyday activities or pursue her passion for sports, she became frustrated with her doctors’ lack of answers. The constant waiting and uncertainty was taking its toll, not only on Maureen, but on her family and friends as well. Finally, Maureen’s doctors arrived at the tentative diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Sadly, the delay had left her with irreparable damage to her leg and still no answers to many of her questions. That’s when Maureen turned to WorldCare.



WorldCare collected all of Maureen’s relevant medical records and identified a team of Harvard-affiliated physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, who specialize in cardiovascular issues and blood disorders to review her case. After multiple misdiagnoses, the information provided to Maureen and her treating physician helped get her health back on track, restored her confidence and provided the answers to her questions. Today, Maureen is back doing the activities she enjoys and living life to the fullest.

“To have your confidence back and to know that you’re being cared for properly and that you’re on the right track to recovery… WorldCare was there to give me that second opinion, to give me that ease, to ease my mind, that everything was handled properly. And so I was able to sleep at night again.” – Maureen

“Es maravilloso recuperar la confianza y saber que nos están atendiendo adecuadamente y que estamos en camino de recuperación… Worldcare estuvo presente para darme esa segunda opinión, para darme esa tranquilidad, para calmar mi espíritu asegurándome que todo estaba siendo manejado adecuadamente. Y gracias a eso he vuelto a dormir bien.” – Maureen



Why John turned to WorldCare

John is an athlete who has competed in over 100 triathlons, six Ironman races and one World Championship. He had already undergone one operation earlier in his life to remove a benign brain cyst. Although he knew he would need brain surgery again someday, he was surprised that it was so soon. Adding to the uncertainty and stress of the situation, John learned from his family doctor that he would have to wait two years before being able to see a neurosurgeon in his area. Unsure whether he had two years to wait, John chose to be proactive about his health – he decided to get a WorldCare Second Opinion.



A WorldCare Case Manager walked John through the second opinion process and collected his medical records, including imaging from his MRI clinic and identified a top U.S. neurosurgeon review his case. A few days later, John received his WorldCare Second Opinion, which confirmed the initial diagnosis as well as the need for surgery. Empowered with this information and reassured he was making the right decision, John underwent the surgery to remove the cyst. Today, John is back to riding his bike and running. He credits WorldCare with providing him with the answers he needed sooner than otherwise would have been possible.

“Having a second opinion can mean everything to somebody who’s faced with a serious medical surgery or medical condition. Your health is all you have.” – John

“Contar con una segunda opinión puede significarlo todo para una persona que se enfrenta a una cirugía importante o un problema médico serio. Por eso, de nuevo, esa tranquilidad es enorme. Su salud es lo único que usted realmente tiene.” – John



Why Angie turned to WorldCare

Angie was diagnosed with an uncommon type of tumor. Three oncologists each had varying ideas of what her treatment plan should be. Angie and her family were scared, confused and felt lost. They were at a fork in the road about what to do. Not knowing what they were going to do, their life was totally put on hold.



After realizing she had access to WorldCare through her employer, Angie called WorldCare right away. A WorldCare Case Manager walked Angie through the second opinion process and collected her medical records and sent everything to Harvard Medical School for a review of her case. Angie received the comprehensive report from WorldCare, which helped her make an informed decision about the best path to pursue, which was surgery, which she pursued. Her path is a lot clearer. They are hoping to have another child at some point. And, just living life, something they were not sure about before.

“I would definitely recommend WorldCare second opinion for any company offering benefits to their employees.” – Angie