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About Our Services

For more than 25 years, WorldCare International, Inc. has been committed to improving the quality of healthcare worldwide by maximizing timely, efficient and strategic access to the world’s best healthcare. We have leveraged our award-winning capabilities and revolutionary technology to provide our clients and members with unparalleled service and expertise. Nimble and efficient, we can customize our approach to meet the needs of our clients and members worldwide.


As a pioneer and leader in global e-health services and solutions, WorldCare delivers highly-specialized, personalized services to members and their families by leveraging America’s “best” hospitals through our contractual relationship with the WorldCare Consortium® institutions, as well as relationships with other high-quality clinicians and medical institutions worldwide. Unique among medical second opinion (MSO) providers, WorldCare pioneered the multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional MSO process in 1992. Our services and capabilities have expanded significantly over the past twenty-five years, but one thing has remained unchanged: WorldCare continues to be the leader in global healthcare solutions across the continuum of care.


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Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Benefits

For those diagnosed with a serious illness, a MSO can be potentially life saving. Every year in America, patients are misdiagnosed by their primary care physicians. In these cases, MSOs not only save patients from inappropriate treatment options but can also provide peace of mind and introduce alternative treatment options. In cases of misdiagnosis, having a MSO can also help to avoid unnecessary costs associated with symptoms of other illnesses. WorldCare offers expert MSO services to help ensure a proper diagnosis is given and correct treatment is pursued.