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WorldCare CONCIERGE service provides assistance to members during hospital and physician appointments.

When time is of the essence and you need an in-person medical appointment at a high-quality medical institution where do you turn? And, how do you manage getting to and from these appointments and your day-to-day errands in-between?


Worldcare can help

The WorldCare Concierge service provides you with personalized assistance in selecting a high-quality medical institution, coordinating the onsite visit and securing a discount. And, if requested, a Personal Concierge will assist you and your family during your hospital and physician visits by running your everyday errands, arranging transportation including airport pick-up and return and, if requested, accompanying you to your appointments.


How it works

Step 1 Call 617.250.5100 to request service.

Step 2 Your WorldCare Care Consultant will assist you in selecting an appropriate facility and physician based on your condition, needs, costs, location preferences and the availability of services.

Step 3 Once you select the facility and physician, your WorldCare Care Consultant coordinates the appointment, manages the financial aspects of your visit (for a percentage-of-savings fee) and supports you throughout your visit.

Step 4 If you requested a Personal Concierge, they will review the details of your appointments, help you map out what needs you will have during these appointments and make the necessary arrangements. If you need a Medical Concierge to attend your medical appointments with you, you can request to have one available and a Registered Nurse will be scheduled to attend your medical appointments with you to provide advocacy and support during your physician visits.

Step 5 While you attend your appointments, your other non-medical needs are taken care of by the Personal Concierge and you can focus on your health and well-being.


Unique Features

  • Care coordination including arranging hospital admission, physician referrals, transportation and translation
  • Financial management including access to discounted rates, or negotiation on your behalf, claim handling/auditing and bill reconciliation
  • Access to concierge services upon request (additional charges apply)
  • Transportation to and from appointments and airports
  • Vetted resources for local information and services
  • Support during and after appointments
  • Errands taken care of while you focus on your health



  • WorldCare takes the worry out of the situation by giving you the information you need to choose the best facility and by coordinating the rest
  • You can concentrate on your wellness, knowing that your appointment, travel needs and additional support is all coordinated on your behalf
  • WorldCare supports you all the way by ensuring you have what you need during and after your visit
  • One-stop service includes arranging all financial details so you can focus on your health


You can learn more about WorldCare membership here, or explore the links to specific member services below. If you would like to request service, simply fill out this form and we will be in touch to confirm if you are eligible.


WorldCare CONCIERGE service spec. sheet


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