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Building 21st Century Healthcare Systems

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Building 21st Century Healthcare Systems

Healthcare consulting and management services available for domestic and international clients.

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WorldCare’s Consulting and Management division addresses the challenges facing our clients today in building 21st century healthcare systems. We do so by developing a thorough and ongoing understanding of today’s healthcare environment, enlisting teams of experts in the process and offering connectivity and globalization of services. The depth and expertise of our healthcare consulting and management services are unmatched. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

Challenges facing healthcare today
  • Aging population→increased chronic illness
  • Increased public medical awareness→increased demand for advanced healthcare services
  • Deterioration of patient-doctor relationship/lack of trust
  • Shortage of highly-specialized medical professionals in most fields
  • Limited access to advanced medical talent
  • Unequal distribution of advanced and quality medical services

The new approach for 21st century healthcare

It is a revolution, not an evolution

WorldCare’s approach to healthcare initiatives

If your organization falls anywhere along this spectrum – whether planning a new healthcare initiative or re-calibrating an existing facility – WorldCare can help, as a one-stop shop our healthcare consulting and management services offer a:

  • Thorough understanding of healthcare challenges
  • Cost-effective solutions aimed at improving quality of care, cost-containment and/or increased profitability
  • Connectivity and globalization by the leader/pioneer

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WorldCare’s team and resources

Optimal healthcare solutions thru integration of multi-disciplinary experts
  • Physicians, professors and researchers
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Nurses and technologists
  • Strategic partners
  • Clinical operations specialists
  • Healthcare designers and engineers
  • Technology and IT Planners

WorldCare’s healthcare consulting and management services for developing healthcare facilities


Providing connectivity to the leading U.S. institutions

Comprehensive tele-medicine solutions

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  • Tele-radiology
  • Tele-dermatology
  • Tele-ophthalmology
  • Tele-cardiology
  • Tele-stroke
  • Tele-ICU
  • Tele-psychiatry
  • Tele-pathology
  • Tele-cytopathology
  • Tele-dermatopathology
  • Electronic Home Healthcare
  • Tele-medical education

Andre M. Aoun, AIA , Vice President, Senior Vice President, Consulting and Management

Corinne Chapman, Director of Strategic Initiatives

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