Tina Karas rejoins WorldCare International, Inc. as Vice President of Marketing

BOSTON, Aug. 26, 2016

WorldCare International, Inc. (WorldCare), recently announced that Tina Karas, MBA, will rejoin the company as Vice President of Marketing. Karas will implement and execute the marketing strategy for WorldCare International, Inc.


Karas brings more than 20 years of expertise in marketing and communications to WorldCare International, with experience in project management, budget development and tracking and marketing campaign development, implementation and analytics. Karas has a proven ability to effectively and efficiently develop and execute first-class marketing programs, which align with organizational strategies, build brand awareness and drive growth.


“With Tina rejoining the WorldCare team, we look forward to continuing our focus on growth and market expansion,” stated Hassan S. Sharif, President and Chief Operating Officer, WorldCare. “Throughout her career, Tina’s work has been recognized with regional and national industry awards, which is a clear testament to the quality and efficacy of her marketing endeavors. We are pleased to welcome her back to WorldCare International.”


Karas received her Master of Business Administration and her Bachelor of Science from Salem State University. She began her career in the Financial Industry before making the switch to healthcare.


WorldCare’s mission is to improve the quality of health care worldwide by maximizing timely, efficient and strategic access to the best in health care. For more than 20 years, WorldCare has provided members and physicians with the highest quality medical second opinions in the world with access to more than 20,500 U.S. based specialists at the WorldCare Consortium®, which includes Massachusetts General Hospital and Mayo Clinic.


To reach Tina, email tkaras@worldcare.com or for more information, please contact marketing@worldcare.com.