The Medical Second Opinion Specialists

At WorldCare International, Inc., based in Boston, MA, we provide medical second opinions that fit seamlessly into benefit plans as a value-added service or into insurance or other products as a way to set your product apart from competitors and reduce costs. Our institution-based, multi-disciplinary medical second opinions were developed to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients. Whether you are an employer looking to reduce overall healthcare costs while doing what’s best for your employees or an insurer seeking to differentiate your product from others, we have a service solution that will fit your needs. We collaborate with our clients to identify needs and provide solutions to reach desired outcomes.


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The value and the results

Photo Of A Doctor Forming A Medical Second Opinion - WorldCare InternationalOur services can eliminate unnecessary procedures, trial and error treatments for rare medical conditions, misdiagnoses, inappropriate treatments (often associated with high costs and patient morbidity), and the appropriate redirecting of healthcare resources. We can also remotely deliver our valued-added services, saving time and money on travel. Our services are fully scalable and customizable. Additionally, they integrate seamlessly into health plans, health systems and services provided by vendor partners.


We help you retain valuable employees by offering a valued-added benefit plan service that puts their medical concerns front and center while helping reduce your overall healthcare costs. We will confirm that your benefit plan dollars are spent on treatment programs that help your employees heal sooner and reduce their time out of the office. By adding WorldCare’s high-quality value-added services, you build employee loyalty and set your benefits package or your insurance product apart from other competitive employers or insurers.


Download “The Tale of Two Healthcare Systems” White Paper


We pride ourselves on our results:


  • 26% of cases have a change or correction in diagnosis
  • 75% of cases have revisions in treatment plan
  • 18% reduction in indirect healthcare costs (turnover, etc.)
  • 123% ROI in gross healthcare costs when there’s any change in diagnosis/treatment plan
  • 600% ROI in gross healthcare costs when there’s a significant change in diagnosis/treatment plan


What we include

We provide access to more than 20,000 specialists/subspecialists within The WorldCare Consortium® and beyond for in-depth medical second opinions. Our selections of teams are assigned to a member based on their medical condition, the knowledge and expertise of the team and the facilities.


The dedicated WorldCare Nurse Case Managers facilitate the process from start to finish, collecting all medical records and coordinating the comprehensive medical second opinion review. We provide answers to any questions our members and their treating physicians may have and offer continuous one-on-one support.Upon completion of the medical second opinion, if requested a one-on-one consultation between the reviewing specialist and the treating physician can be arranged. We utilize our resources to help the member and their treating physician better understand their medical condition.


We offer timely reporting, data mining and outreach efforts to boost and measure utilization. We provide comprehensive road maps for our members and their treating physicians to navigate next steps and stay in contact via our medical second opinion service. Your dedicated WorldCare team including sales, account management, marketing, and operations integrate and launch services seamlessly. We have the privilege of working with partners such as the Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Mercy Kansas City Jefferson University Hospitals, Mayo Clinic, Northwesten Memorial Hospital, Partners Healthcare (including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, McLean Hospital, and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital), and UCLA Health.

Trusting WorldCare

When doctors have specialty clients that need fast turnarounds, WorldCare gives them the power to get their patient the diagnosis and treatment they need quickly. With services like our medical second opinions, we are able to help healthcare providers such as Dr. Knipping.


Dr. Knipping runs a busy medical practice in Toronto, Canada. He caters to frequent travelers with demanding schedules such as pilots, business executives, and professional athletes. When his patients are diagnosed with severe illnesses, time is of the essence.


“When it comes to clients who can’t afford not to travel, they can’t afford to be out of the boardroom, they can’t afford to delay their training if they’re a competitive athlete—it’s very difficult for them to patiently wait for assessment and guidance.” -Dr. Randy Knipping


Knowing that it could otherwise take months to gain access to a specialist, Dr. Knipping turns to WorldCare and harnesses our trained skill sets and knowledge. The medical second opinions we offer are needed to give a proper and accurate diagnosis and determine the optimal path for recovery. WorldCare even goes the extra step and, if requested, flies global patients to the U.S. We then coordinate treatment for them at top hospitals when needed.


Outcomes for Our Members

Through a partnership with WorldCare, physicians like Dr. Knipping can provide the best care possible and satisfy the unique needs of patients. By utilizing WorldCare’s services such as our medical second opinions, members are given direct access to the kind of cutting-edge medical information that can make a big difference in the functionality of the healthcare system.


For example, consider Angie’s story. She was diagnosed with an uncommon type of tumor. Three oncologists each had varying ideas of what her treatment plan should be. Angie and her family were really scared, confused and felt lost. They were at a fork in the road about what to do. Their lives were put on hold.


After realizing she had access to WorldCare through her employer’s health plan benefits package, Angie called WorldCare right away. A WorldCare Nurse Case Manager walked Angie through the medical second opinion process and collected her medical records and sent everything to Harvard Medical School for a review of her case. Angie received the comprehensive report from WorldCare, which helped her make an informed decision about the best path to pursue, which was surgery. She opted to proceed with following the doctor’s suggestion. Her path is now a lot clearer. She is hoping to have another child and to live life, which is something she was not sure she would be able to do before.


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Some of our additional resources include a download of “An Institutional Approach to Medical Second Opinions” and a download of “The Tale of Two Healthcare Systems: Fee-For-Service Healthcare vs. Value-Based Healthcare.”

“I’ve never actually worked with any institutional-based caregiver or opinion-giver that is as efficient and as effective in terms of partnering with me to care for my patients.” – Dr. Randy Knipping

“Realmente jamás he trabajado con alguna otra institución de salud o proveedor de segunda opinión que se asocie conmigo y me colabore de forma tan efectiva con el cuidado de mis pacientes.” – Dr. Randy Knipping

“I would definitely recommend WorldCare second opinion for any company offering benefits to their employees.” – Angie