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Located in Sydney, Australia, WellCare International provides remote medical second opinion services to the Australian market. As a subsidiary of WorldCare  International, Inc., WellCare leverages WorldCare’s 25 plus years of experience and deep-rooted relationships with the leading medical experts within The WorldCare Consortium™ of top-ranked U.S. hospitals to optimize medical outcomes, provide solutions and services that empower members and their treating physicians to make optimal healthcare choices.

As the pioneer of remote medical second opinions, WorldCare provides services to members around the world by resourcing the expertise of more than 20,000 specialists and sub-specialists within The WorldCare Consortiumto review each member’s case. WorldCare has done so successfully for the past 25 plus years. An actuarial study demonstrates that in the cases reviewed by WorldCare, the diagnosis is changed 26% of the time and treatment recommendations are modified 75% of the time.

WellCare services

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Our approach

Our institution-based, multi-disciplinary remote medical second opinion process sets us apart from other providers. Using WorldCare’s contractual, long-term working relationships with The WorldCare Consortium™ hospitals, we are able to efficiently bundle each member’s medical records and send them electronically directly into the workflow of these top-ranked U.S. hospitals. Where, teams of the leading specialists review each and every case to ensure the diagnosis is accurate and to provide optimal treatment plan recommendations back to the member and their designated physician.

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