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WorldCare Mental Health

Remote second opinion service

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The need

Western nations endure staggering health burdens due to inadequate treatment of mental health issues. Worldwide, one in five people experience a mental health problem or issue at some point in their lives. And, nearly two-thirds of people with known mental disorders never seek help from mental health professionals for a variety of reasons including the stigma attached to such a diagnosis, wait times and access to see specialists as well as the costs1. Treating physicians are left with unclear diagnoses and treatment plan choices and a lack of guidance. There is a need to align treatment protocols to provide the best solution for patients.

  • In Canada, the average wait time to see a psychiatrist can be one to two years and costs the Canadian economy $50 billion dollars a year2
  • The United States spent an estimated $201 billion dollars on mental health disorders in 2013, making it the costliest medical condition in the country3
  • In 2014, Australia spent over $8 billion dollars on mental-health related services, costing the Australian workplace over $11 billion in related costs including absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims4,5
The solution

WorldCare Mental Health service is available globally and provides the member and their designated physician with the guidance needed to make optimal healthcare decisions as they move forward. This virtual second opinion service uses a multi-disciplinary second opinion evaluation of the underlying medical condition by sub-specialists from a top-ranked U.S. hospital of The WorldCare Consortium®. A senior psychiatrist at The WorldCare Consortium® facility spearheads the second opinion process by providing diagnostic clarification and psycho-phamacotherapeutic guidance along with suggestions around counseling interventions and other locally-available therapies. This multi-disciplinary approach helps align and inform the treating physician’s handling of the patient’s care moving forward.

Unique features
  • Multi-layer review of both mental and physical condition
  • Rapid access to leading medical specialist and psychiatric/mental health specialists at WorldCare Consortium® facilities
  • Institution-based, multi-disciplinary remote second opinion
  • Multi-institutional review if required
  • Video-enhanced service if needed
  • Physician-to-physician guidance with WorldCare support throughout the process
  • Follow-up questions available up to 30 days after initial review
Key features
  • Comprehensive engagement with member and their treating physician ensuring most important issues are addressed
  • Crucial top-level guidance for treating physicians deciding the best pathway for their patients
  • Leveraged knowledge and access to leading WorldCare Consortium® psychiatrists including a team of 600 plus psychiatrists from Massachusetts General Hospital with long-standing telepsychiatry experience
How it works

Step 1:  The eligible member calls or completes an online form to request service.

Step 2:  WorldCare works with the member and their designated physician(s) to gather medical records and sends them to the medical institution best suited to review their case.

Step 3:  The psychiatrist and multi-disciplinary team review the member’s records and diagnostic material and provide an independent second opinion to the member and their treating physician.

  • Improved member care and well being
  • Alternative choices in both psycho-pharmacotherapeutic and non-drug modalities
  • Potential to reduce absenteeism, with members returning to work
  • Positive impact on member functionality
  • Cost reduction for members, employers and insurers
Covered conditions

Although some clients may opt to cover any and all mental health conditions, below is a sample abbreviated covered conditions list, which can be customized on a client-by-client basis.

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Major Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes of patients worldwide by connecting our clients to the foremost medical experts at top-ranked U.S. hospitals. And, with over 25 years of experience, our expert medical second opinion service is the gold-standard. Our unique partnership with the top-ranked hospitals in the U.S., The WorldCare Consortium®, along with teams of specialists within these hospitals, enables us to provide expert medical second opinions of an unmatched clinical rigor and depth. We help thousands of members worldwide and their treating physicians have the confidence that their diagnosis is correct and that they are on the optimal treatment plan while reducing overall healthcare costs.

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