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WorldCare International, Inc. provides access to teams of top doctors who can provide expert second opinions and ensure a correct diagnosis to begin effective treatment.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes of patients worldwide by connecting our clients to the foremost medical experts at top-ranked U.S. hospitals. And, with over 22 years of experience, our expert medical second opinion service is the gold-standard. Our unique partnership with the top-ranked hospitals in the U.S., The WorldCare Consortium®, along with teams of specialists within these hospitals, enables us to provide expert medical second opinions of an unmatched clinical rigor and depth. We help thousands of members worldwide, and their treating physicians have the confidence that their diagnosis is correct and that they are on the optimal treatment plan while reducing overall healthcare costs.


One in twelve adult patients is misdiagnosed. Our expert medical second opinion service helps our members avoid becoming part of this unsettling statistic. In the cases we have reviewed, we determined a change in diagnosis 26 percent of the time and a change in treatment 75 percent of the time, while significantly reducing overall healthcare costs.


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Employee Benefits

At WorldCare International, Inc., we work with employers and insurers to provide a scalable, customizable safety net of second opinions that can be seamlessly integrated into any healthcare plan. Ensuring a correct diagnosis from the outset reduces treatment costs and overall costs to the employer.


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About Us

WorldCare is a leader in providing access to quality second opinions from physicians at some of the world’s top academic medical centers. We help patients find answers, get support and navigate complex health care systems.

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The WorldCare Consortium®

A group of top-tier teaching and research hospitals across North America—all strategically affiliated with WorldCare to provide clinically rigorous second opinions based on the latest medical knowledge and research.

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ACCESS second opinions

WorldCare connects patients with team specialists who work together to confirm diagnoses, review treatment plans, answer questions and deliver timely independent second opinions.

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