Hassan S. Sharif, MD,

Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer

As one of the original founders of the organization 28 years ago, Dr. Sharif brings an unrivalled passion for saving lives to WorldCare. His deep medical expertise and worldwide connections with physicians and medical research visionaries continue to transform the way WorldCare uniquely approaches the art of providing meaningful expert medical second opinions for members around the globe by virtue of technology and institutional medical team collaboration.

His focus is to expand access to WorldCare MSO services throughout the U.S. and internationally. Under his guidance WorldCare has been an innovator in developing additional MSO services to help members with chronic conditions such as mental health, disability, pain management and prescription drug usage.


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Edwin M. Wiggers

President and Chief Operating Officer

With a career originating in the B2B and B2C financial and technology industries and spanning from agile startups to large global brands across 50+ countries and six continents, Ed jumped at the opportunity to help take WorldCare to the next level while advancing its purpose of saving lives.

An experienced global executive and entrepreneur obsessed with building great businesses by building great teams, Ed is happiest when he is in over his head but completely surrounded by great people, especially when they have a great business puzzle to solve.


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Corinne Chapman

Chief of Staff

Corinne Chapman is a strategy-focused, detail-oriented Legal and HR executive with over ten years of experience at WorldCare.  She partners with the leadership team to establish strategic objectives, manage key initiatives and oversee operations across the organization. She is instrumental in the facilitation of WorldCare’s global healthcare initiatives and perspective.

Corinne also enjoys yoga, travelling around the world or across New England and spending quality time with friends and family.


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Kiera McNelis Shaw

Director of Finance

Kiera joined the WorldCare team in 2011, and has employed a life-long obsession with puzzles and a background in accounting and statistics to create dynamic, cross-functional, data-driven analyses. Her keen attention to detail works to provide accurate and actionable financial reporting to internal stakeholders and our valued customers.

In her personal time, Kiera enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends.


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Our advisors

Paul Clark

Information Technology and Global Privacy Compliance Advisor

Paul Clark is a senior IT executive with extensive experience in all aspects of information technology including systems, network, development, support and security.  Under his leadership, WorldCare’s secure, reliable and scalable technology platform was developed and enhanced to support WorldCare staff, members, clients and operations.  Paul also advises WorldCare on the companies global privacy compliance program with a focus on keeping patient data safe throughout the organization.


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