WorldCare is here for you

WorldCare empowers its members to make more confident and more informed decisions regarding health and treatment plans when facing diagnoses of serious and complex medical conditions.

If you or a covered family member receive a diagnosis for a serious and complex condition, WorldCare is standing by. We help our members navigate the journey from a devastating diagnosis to clearly understanding their condition, allowing them to participate with confidence in medical treatment decisions.

Wondering about a Medical Second Opinion (MSO)?

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Not a member, but seeking qualified information on a life-threatening condition or tips on how to talk with your doctor about your diagnosis? Check out our blog.

Why trust WorldCare to help your organization?

100+ serious and complex conditions in 16 major categories covered

6 leading U.S. medical institutions in The WorldCare Consortium®

4–7 medical specialists and sub-specialists participate in each MSO team review

2 weeks typical MSO completion time after gathering and submitting all medical records

26% of WorldCare MSOs receive a change in diagnosis and 75% result in a changed treatment plan

98% member satisfaction

The WorldCare Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Service is the gold standard

WorldCare set the gold standard for medical second opinions over 25 years ago. We pioneered the concept and continue to leverage advanced medical research, innovation and cutting-edge technology to deliver superior MSOs for members.

WorldCare exclusively focuses on serious and complex conditions. We deliver valued medical expertise and empathetic support when our members need it most.

A multidisciplinary team at a top ranked U.S. medical research institution within The WorldCare Consortium will review each member’s case. These specialist teams treat patients with comparable cases daily and are at the forefront of medical discoveries. In effect, their involvement with research is charting the course for tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs.

All WorldCare Nurse Case Managers are experienced, empathetic advocates for our members, keeping them informed of the progress on their MSO every step of the way.

WorldCare provides MSO Reports digitally or as a personalized reference book that is printed, bound and sent directly to the member and their designated physician. The report details all relevant medical information, insights and specific recommendations to support treatment plan decisions and better outcomes for the member.

A WorldCare member’s perspective

“WorldCare MSO was made so easy by the most wonderful group of people I have ever dealt with since my LAM diagnosis in 2014. My WorldCare team worked tirelessly and quickly to collect the information, and not only confirmed my original diagnosis, but came up with a long term plan that no one else could give me.

They became like family to me.

They gave me tools and questions to ask doctors and specialists, and found discrepancies in my test results that I should have retested. My team also found things in my tests that I had never been told before! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I can’t thank you all enough.”

A satisfied WorldCare member

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