WorldCare becomes your advocate

WorldCare members receive unique access to the nation’s leading medical experts and institutional patient care teams. They provide comprehensive medical second opinions on specific diagnoses and provide recommended treatment plans. 

Your WorldCare journey begins when you reach out and speak with one of our experienced and compassionate Nurse Case Managers. They advocate for you from day one. They will answer questions, explain the process and gather all medical information and relevant records. Next, a highly experienced institutional team of specialists and sub-specialists with a core competency in your diagnosed condition reviews your complete case file.

Video: The WorldCare MSO process.

No travel is necessary. Your Nurse Case Manager will send your medical records and information securely to the team of specialists and sub-specialists. Your case file will include radiology and pathology samples, images and reports; relevant test results, and personalized questions designed to get detailed answers regarding your specific concerns.

The process is thorough yet expedient.

Within two weeks of gathering and submitting all medical records, WorldCare will send you your personalized WorldCare MSO Report. This report is sent digitally and as a personalized reference book that is printed and bound.  It details the specialist teams’ evaluation of your original diagnosis along with recommendations for an optimal treatment plan. Your WorldCare Nurse Case Manager will talk through the information and address any questions you have. Then, you can readily share the information with your designated physician and your family to help with treatment plan decisions.

Saving lives and improving health outcomes
is our passion

26% of WorldCare MSOs result in a change in diagnosis, and 75% result in a change in treatment plan

98% member satisfaction rating

Meet Kendall and Karen

Kendall’s Story

When her daughter, Kendall, suddenly started complaining of “heart pain”, Karen took Kendall’s pulse.  It was so fast and erratic that she called 911 immediately. What followed was a harrowing ambulance ride to the emergency room, where Kendall was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). Doctors said Kendall would need immediate surgical intervention, but at a hospital in another city. Within minutes, it seemed like their lives had turned upside down. Overwhelmed by the situation and unsure what to do, they contacted their insurance company and were told to call WorldCare.


A WorldCare Nurse Case Manager immediately put Karen at ease. She collected all of Kendall’s relevant medical information and arranged for a MSO from a top pediatric cardiology center in Boston. The MSO confirmed Kendall’s SVT diagnosis, but most importantly, let Karen know that it would be safe to wait a few years before subjecting Kendall to the risks of surgery.

Meet Courtney

Courtney’s Story

At the age of 30, Courtney was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of bladder cancer. After three surgeries to determine the extent of the cancer, her urology team recommended removing her entire bladder, an intervention she dreaded deeply.


WorldCare coordinated and obtained a MSO from a leading team of urologist-oncologists. They provided a recommendation for partial bladder removal, which allowed Courtney to remain active without needing to use a cystostomy bag. Courtney has been cancer-free for four years and has enjoyed life by graduating top of her class and marrying the love of her life. She became an advocate for bladder cancer awareness, helping people through their wellness journeys as a medical care coordinator.

Meet John

John’s Story

John has competed in over 100 triathlons, six Ironman races and one World Championship race. He had already undergone one operation to remove a benign brain cyst and knew he would likely need brain surgery again, but that day came sooner than anticipated. Because he had WorldCare coverage, John was able to immediately request a WorldCare MSO.


A WorldCare Nurse Case Manager walked John through the MSO process and collected his medical records, including magnetic resonance imaging from his MRI clinic, and identified a top neurosurgeon from one of The WorldCare Consortium institutions to review his case. A few days later, John received his WorldCare MSO, which confirmed the initial diagnosis and the need for surgery. Reassured that he was making the right decision, John had surgery to remove the cyst. He is now back to riding his bike and running. He says WorldCare provided him with the answers he needed much sooner than otherwise would have been possible.