Learn why WorldCare’s Medical Second Opinion is the gold standard

The value of WorldCare

Our services can eliminate misdiagnoses, unnecessary or inappropriate therapies and “trial and error” treatment plans for rare medical conditions; all of which are often associated with high costs and patient morbidity.

We deliver our valued medical second opinion (MSO) services remotely, saving time and money associated with travel. WorldCare’s MSO services are fully scalable and customizable for any organization as they integrate seamlessly into health plans, health systems and services provided by vendor partners.
WorldCare works with partners – including employers, insurance companies, health organizations and benefit administrators – to provide valued MSO services for their people. And, helps them put the medical concerns and wellness of their employees, customers or members front and center.

1 in 4 WorldCare MSOs result in a change to the original diagnosis which can dramatically change the treatment plan.  And, 3 out of 4 WorldCare MSOs result in changes to the original treatment plan.

Video: WorldCare Medical Second Opinion and how it works

Additionally, WorldCare MSOs can help reduce overall healthcare costs. We confirm that benefit plan dollars are spent on treatment programs that can help your employees heal sooner and reduce their time away from work. Adding our valuable services to your benefits package or insurance product strengthens loyalty and sets your plans apart from competitors and other organizations. We collaborate with each client to identify their needs and provide customized solutions to support member health outcomes.

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Put the power of WorldCare in the hands of your people


When your people face life-threatening diagnoses, WorldCare coverage complements your existing healthcare programs with highly specialized expertise from leading institutions.

Faster answers

WorldCare MSOs require no travel or waiting months for specialist appointments. This reduces stress, out-of-pocket expenses, and time away from work and family for participating members.

Save lives

Participating companies and organizations have an amazing opportunity to help save lives within their member community.

To learn more about WorldCare and how to make our services accessible to the people your organization cares about, contact us at 617.397.2770 or via email.

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