Headquartered in Boston, MA, U.S.A., WorldCare International, Inc. (WorldCare) operates several regional offices and offers services globally.

WorldCare International, Inc.
7 Bulfinch Place, Suite 301
P.O. Box 8310
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617.250.5100
Fax: 617.250.5108


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Our services are for eligible members only. If you are an eligible member and would like to request service, or if you are an employer, insurer, broker, or TPA interested in offering our services, please complete the form below.
If you wish to notify us of a Privacy Issue or would like to file a report, please email privacy@worldcare.com, instead of completing the form below. 
Please DO NOT include any personal medical information in this contact form, if you wish to have a medical second opinion (MSO), please just state that you are reaching out for a MSO. This form is not HIPAA compliant. If you need to send us personal medical information, please use secure email or FAX.
If you are interested in our consulting and management services, complete the form below as well.