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7 Bulfinch Place, Suite 301
P.O. Box 8310
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 617.397.2770

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If you are a member and would like to request service, or if you are an employer, insurer, broker, or TPA interested in offering our services, please complete this form and a WorldCare team member will get back to you during normal business hours.
Please note: This form is not HIPPA compliant. So, please DO NOT include any personal medical information in this contact form. If you wish to have a medical second opinion (MSO), please select the correct listing in the “Reason for contact” field.
If you need to send us personal medical information, a WorldCare Nurse Case Manager will provide you with directions.
If you wish to notify us of a Privacy Issue or would like to file a report, please email, instead of completing the form.

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