About Us

Our mission, vision and values


Our mission

To improve healthcare outcomes of patients residing worldwide by connecting our clients to the foremost medical experts at top-ranked U.S. hospitals.

  • We fulfill our mission by using a unique disease management approach, which digitally recreates the experience of a patient walking into the leading medical institutions in the United States.
  • We provide the highest-touch coaching, virtual medical solutions and services available worldwide.


Our vision

To provide a connection to our leading healthcare experts to optimize medical outcomes, solutions and services.

Our values


We believe that by actively listening and learning, pulling from past experiences and leveraging research knowledge, we will continuously be able to offer new medical solutions and services.


We partner with outstanding colleagues, clients and medical experts to build our vast knowledge base and to arrive at optimal solutions and recommendations.


We strongly believe that everyone deserves access to the world’s leading healthcare expertise. When anyone turns to us, be it a member, client or partner, we take the time to truly listen, understand, engage and empathize with them while working towards a solution.


For more than 22 years, the global healthcare community has trusted WorldCare International, Inc. (WorldCare) to help our members make more informed medical decisions through highly-personalized medical second opinion consultations. Our Second Opinion service connects millions of members with specialists at world-class medical centers (The WorldCare Consortium®).


Working with the WorldCare Consortium®, WorldCare was the first company to develop a rigorous second opinion process, which allowed for a rapid turnaround time. To this day, it is unprecedented to have several institutions of such high caliber working together in a cohesive effort. The original WorldCare Consortium® hospitals took a permanent seat on WorldCare’s Board of Directors and helped develop our corporate strategy. Today, we remain the only second opinion company with strategic, technological and operational relationships with top medical centers in the WorldCare Consortium®.


WorldCare was also the first company to obtain FDA clearance for wavelet compression, which allowed diagnostic quality images to be compressed and sent digitally. This enables us to send medical records quickly and securely, providing second opinions within a matter of hours, if necessary.


Through our second opinion process, we confirm diagnoses and recommend optimal treatment plans, empowering patients and their doctors with the information and resources needed to make medical decisions with confidence. Today, WorldCare operates in more than 45 countries and covers millions of patients worldwide with wide reaching services.


Over the years, our services have evolved to span the continuum of health care in a meaningful way for both our clients and the members they serve. WorldCare now provides an unparalleled portfolio of services, which builds upon our foundation of clinical excellence and access to the best medical minds in the world and expanded that to include real-time telemedicine, clinical travel support as well as a comprehensive suite of clinical and non-clinical concierge services and advocacy programs. While many in the health care industry are telling patients that they must navigate the system alone, WorldCare offers an unprecedented level of high-touch, personalized services focused on the needs of the patient and their family, while still providing tangible value for our clients.


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