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WorldCare’s Simple Process for Getting a Medical Second Opinion

09:05 21 October in Health

Here’s how WorldCare’s Medical Second Opinion service works, and all it takes is a phone call or email to begin.

When you’ve been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, it’s only natural to want to make sure the diagnosis is correct. But where to begin? The thought of going through the traditional process of referrals, paperwork, multiple doctor appointments, traveling, waiting — it can be daunting, especially when you aren’t feeling your best.

There’s an alternative. If you are covered by either your employer or insurer, WorldCare can provide you with a medical second opinion (MSO) developed by a team of specialists at leading hospitals and healthcare centers. You don’t have to go anywhere. Here’s how it works.

Eligible member requests service

1. Contact WorldCare by calling the number provided by your employer or insurer or the email address provided to start the process rolling. WorldCare will confirm your eligibility and will assign you a Nurse Case Manager, who helps to guide you through the whole process and answer any questions along the way.

Record Collection

2. WorldCare reaches out to your physician and collects all of your necessary medical records, tests, charts, MRIs, etc. The WorldCare Medical Hub team, which consists for doctors, nurses and clinically-trained operations staff, determine which team of specialists from The WorldCare Consortium® is best suited to review your diagnosis. These specialists are based at world-class institutions including Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Jefferson Health, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern Medicine, Partner’s Healthcare including: Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Massachusetts General Hospital; McLean Hospital; Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and also UCLA Health.

Multi-disciplinary Review

3. The designated specialists and sub-specialists begin their evaluation of your diagnosis. WorldCare reviews are always conducted by multi-disciplinary teams of medical experts including pathologists, radiologists, neurologists and others depending on your condition. Each team is made up on average of at least four specialists reviewing your diagnosis.

4. The WorldCare team of specialists determines the appropriate diagnosis and, if necessary, recommends a new treatment plan. It takes about four days for them to arrive at a conclusion, upon receipt of your medical records. “The diagnosis changes approximately 26 percent of the time,” says Tina Karas, Vice President of Marketing of WorldCare. “We change the recommended treatment about 75 percent of the time. Our service is not a matter of rubber-stamping the first opinion.”

WorldCare Medical Second Opinion Booklet

5. WorldCare compiles a comprehensive WorldCare Booklet, which explains the medical second opinion, covers treatment recommendations, provides information about the doctors involved, and more. The WorldCare Booklet, which is as many as 100 pages, is sent to you and your physician. “It’s important to review the Booklet with your doctor and discuss any questions you have, but we can arrange a phone call with our physicians if that helps,” Karas says.

WorldCare members respond

People with serious medical conditions who’ve turned to WorldCare for a medical second opinion have offered their own independent reviews of the service.

“The WorldCare second opinion process was shockingly easy and expeditious. The staff were courteous and very helpful. I was very pleased with the quality of the recommendation and recommended treatment plan, which provided additional peace of mind.” — Hayley, WorldCare Member

“The seamless manner was truly appreciated during this stressful period of my life. My initial contact with a Nurse Case Manager was on August 11 and results of the second opinion report emailed to me on August 29. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness.” — Gail, WorldCare Member

“It was a great relief to finally receive a coordinated medical opinion regarding my diagnosis. I had received a few differing opinions regarding the treatment options, which were confusing as they were presented by individual specialists and not as a consultative group such as WorldCare.” — Cheryl, WorldCare Member

“As a result of going through WorldCare, an MRI was requested and showed a further anomaly. I am very grateful for the service as it has given me the support and confidence in making the right decisions.”  — Marci, WorldCare Member

“I was kept extremely well updated with regard to the progress of the second opinion. The treatment plan suggested is different than the one currently in place, which gives me hope and an optimism that I haven’t felt in a very long time.” — Dreea, WorldCare Member