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WorldCare Consortium® MSO providers Dana-Farber and Boston Children’s Hospital develop a preventive measure to breast cancer

15:03 09 April in Health, Medicine, Uncategorized by

Researchers and doctors alike recognize the importance of preventing or reversing cancer before patients are in the position of having to treat more advanced cases. Michael Goldberg, Ph.D., of Dana-Farber has contributed to a collaborative group effort into research that demonstrates how particular cancer cases...

Research from WorldCare Consortium™ member Mayo Clinic is moving towards clinical trials for ALS

10:38 12 March in Health, Uncategorized by

Groundbreaking research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) from a research team at WorldCare Consortium™ member Mayo Clinic discovered the genetic repeat mutation known as c9orf72 in 2011 could potentially hold insight on how to cure or possibly even prevent ALS in patients. This mutation occurs...

A discovery at WorldCare Consortium® member Mayo Clinic is the first step toward new bacteria-based constipation treatment

08:00 20 June in Health, Medicine by worldcare

Researchers at WorldCare Consortium® member Mayo Clinic have discovered that genetically engineered bacteria show promise as a new treatment for constipation, after a study in mice was conducted at the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine and published in Cell Host & Microbe. The gut microbiome,...