Why Second Opinion Employee Benefits Are Increasingly Sought by Employers

13:40 08 September in Business, Health

Let’s say an employee at your company is diagnosed with a serious illness or complex disease. Both the employer and employee want to ensure that the best possible care is being provided. But with medical errors now accounting for the third leading cause of death in the United States, how can patients and employers be sure that they are receiving the highest level of health care available in the world?

The field of medicine is advancing at an unprecedented rate, with medical advancements and discoveries being made daily at top academic and research hospitals. These hospitals are able to provide cutting edge health care by harnessing the expertise of multidisciplinary teams of medical specialists to provide personalized care and support to patients. They are world class institutions with a wealth of knowledge that may not be available to family physicians or local doctors. With this knowledge the institutions can help ensure the proper diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan and render a second opinion that can provide both employers and patients with peace of mind. Medical specialists and sub-specialists at top-ranked teaching and research hospitals, such as those that comprise the WorldCare Consortium, provide a wealth of expertise that enables the practice of highly specialized medicine. A thorough second medical opinion involves close examination of a patient’s medical record, including imaging, pathology and lab test results, clinical notes and the results of any other procedures that have been performed.

Employers know that healthy employees are more productive, more efficient and more valuable to the growth of an organization. In order to enhance the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as cut down on healthcare costs, many employers are now including second opinion employee benefits as part of their employees’ benefits packages. Second opinion employee benefits from WorldCare International, Inc., have an impressive and proven value. According to an independent study performed by the Center for HealthCare Informatics at Tennessee Tech University, WorldCare’s second opinion employee benefit have provided verification or clarity for members as 24% of MSO’s result in a change in diagnosis and 75% result in a change in treatment plan.

WorldCare members know the value of a medical second opinion from top ranked U.S. hospitals in The WorldCare Consortium. If you are a member and would like to request service or if you are an employer, insurer, broker or TPA interested in offering our services, please contact us today.