WorldCare Launches Newsletter: The WorldCare Wire

13:00 08 September in Health

WorldCare is pleased to announce the release off our new newsletter, The WorldCare Wire. With each issue we will bring you timely information on new treatments and therapies being explored by our consortium member facilities, and highlight different medical conditions to increase our readers’ awareness of a particular disease.  We will also share stories about the difference a medical second opinion can make when you are faced with a critical condition.

In our inaugural issue, we explore Cardiovascular disease and share tips for monitoring your health to ensure early detection and treatment, should you need it.  We also dive into two exciting new research initiatives at consortium member organizations Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic.  At Mass General, researchers are partnering with Boston Medical Center to conduct clinical trials and provide hope for women diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive and treatment resistant strain of cancer. Meanwhile, the Mayo Clinic is exploring the use of stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries and diseases.  Both programs are ground breaking in their use of novel treatments to help improve the lives of their patients.  Finally, you’ll also learn about recent WorldCare activities and achievements, including our participation in the Medical Tourism Congress in the Dominican Republic. 

WorldCare is dedicated to helping our members get the most comprehensive medical second opinion when faced with a diagnosis of a covered critical illness or condition. With our newsletter, we aspire to share ideas, innovations and hope for individuals who may be facing a health crisis. If you or a member of your family has recently received a diagnosis of a covered condition, reach out to us today to learn how we can help.  Here’s to your continued good health and happy reading.