Lux Med Partners with WorldCare in Poland

Lux Med Partners with WorldCare in Poland

12:34 17 November in Health, Medicine

As reported in The Insurance Journal, Lux Med signed on with WorldCare in September 2020 to provide Medical Second Opinions (MSOs) for LuxMed customers facing serious health conditions such as cancer or coronary artery disease.  

The MSO service enables covered customers in Poland to receive a review of their critical diagnosis and treatment plan by a team of specialists from internationally recognized academic medical centers in the USA.  These medical centers are part of The WorldCare Consortium® and employ a 20,000+ specialists and subspecialists and have access to over $4 billion to medical research conducted annually. 

For each MSO, a multi-disciplinary team of doctors from one of the WorldCare Consortium institutions thoroughly reviews the diagnosis and treatment plan. As Lux Med explains, members have the opportunity to request an MSO in the event of a diagnosis for a serious disease, such as cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke or other serious life-threatening conditions. 

Based on the provided medical documentation and test results, the team of doctors verifies the diagnosis and treatment plan, and then presents a detailed report that may confirm the previous diagnosis and treatment or recommend changing them. The report includes a case report, diagnosis, treatment recommendations, information about the specialist and hospital issuing the second medical opinion, as well as educational materials and data on the latest research on the condition. After receiving the second opinion, the member has the opportunity to ask additional questions to the consulting doctor. It is also possible to organize a video conference between the member’s local doctor and the specialist who developed the second opinion.