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At WorldCare International, Inc. we work on the cutting edge of medical The WorldCare Consortiumtechnology, research and information. Our company is continually looking for innovative ways to solve issues in the medical field, including diagnoses and treatments. We are also proud to offer our clients the ability to receive medical second opinions from our experts, regardless of their geographic location.


Opinions from teams of medical professionals

WorldCare is the only organization with strategic, technological and operational relationships with top-ranked teaching and research hospitals in North America. These hospitals, which comprise The WorldCare Consortium®, represent more than 20,000 specialists and sub-specialists and have access to more than $4 billion dollars in annual biomedical research funding. This makes The WorldCare Consortium® unique in the depth and breadth of its medical expertise.

Medical second opinions

Each of our member institutions stands behind the medical second opinions (MSOs) they provide WorldCare because they are confident in the medical expertise of their specialists. Our capacity to offer our clients MSOs saves them time and money. This is accomplished by minimizing the time taken off by employees and removing the costs of medical-related travel. WorldCare’s unique ability to provide our clients, members and their treating physicians with access to these teams of specialists at WorldCare Consortium® institutions is one of the many reasons why our services are unique. This cumulative depth of knowledge gives our clients, members and their treating physicians the reassurance needed to make medical decisions with confidence.


Technology and experience

It doesn’t stop there. All of this is coupled with technology that enables WorldCare to send cases to more than one institution for MSOs, which helps our members make optimal healthcare decisions. Simply put, we have been doing MSOs for longer than anyone else.


By continually honing the process we provide excellent MSOs, superior customer service and flexibility, WorldCare clearly stands out.


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