Selecting a Medical Second Opinion Provider: Experience Matters

09:54 05 July in Health, Medicine

Medical second opinions have the capacity to save lives. By utilizing the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists and sub-specialists, misdiagnosis can be prevented and the optimal treatment plan can be identified and implemented. However, not all medical second opinion providers are the same.

WorldCare has been providing medical second opinions for nearly 25 years, and during that time, we have developed a unique, clinically-rigorous second opinion process. In order to virtually replicate how medicine is best practiced worldwide, we take an institutional approach to our medical second opinions, utilizing teams of specialists and sub-specialists whose combined knowledge allows for a complete, holistic view and care for the patient. Our long-term strategic, operational and technological relationships with the top-ranked academic and research hospitals that comprise The WorldCare Consortium® allow us to route cases directly past the hospitals’ firewalls and into their workflow. This leads to quick turnaround times, with members’ wellbeing and peace-of-mind at the center of the entire process. The WorldCare Consortium® provides clients and members with access to over 18,000 medical specialists and sub-specialists from institutions that have access to over $3.5 billion in annual biomedical research funding.

WorldCare’s experience over the past 24 years has led to global operations in over 30 countries around the world, both in mature and emerging markets. WorldCare has reviewed over 100,000 pathology slides and radiology reports, delivering over 25,000 personalized medical second opinions. All of these reviews and medical second opinions were performed by world class teams of specialists, rather than a series of single general physicians. The difference is crucial. A multi-disciplinary team of specialists is able to collaborate and consider all aspects and nuances of a patient’s case, whereas a second opinion review by a single physician uses the limited knowledge of one individual and does not take advantage of the varying areas of proficiency and multi-angular capabilities of a medical team.

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